Steelers LB Vince Williams takes shot at refs after beating Broncos

Pittsburgh Steelers LB Vince Williams (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Steelers LB Vince Williams (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) /

The Steelers moved to 2-0 on Sunday with a win over the Broncos, but the team got in its own way

Pittsburgh committed over 10 penalties on their way to victory, something Mike Tomlin surely will not take kindly to. The Steelers will hear all about this in the locker room and in film sessions during the week, and rightfully so. They looked downright undisciplined at times, especially late in the game, as they gave the Broncos six first downs thanks to penalties. That’s a reflection on Tomlin, fair or not.

Vince Williams wants us all to know that said penalties weren’t necessarily that.

Does Vince Williams have a point in suggesting the officials made some inconclusive calls?

Being an NFL official is among the toughest job in sports. Similarly to the offensive line, at their best no one will credit them, yet at their worst they draw the ire of every fanbase. Sunday afternoon featured a few questionable decisions, but nothing obvious in terms of a truly unfathomable call. Sure, the crew didn’t allow much contact if at all, hence many of the yellow flags directed at the Steelers.

Pittsburgh’s secondary plays a physical style of coverage. It flirts with illegality, and in a game when the officiating crew refuses to give any leeway, they’re bound to feel victimized. Jeff Driskel receiving said calls is a little surprising, but once the Steelers understood how the game was being officiated they should’ve adjusted. All they can ask an officiating crew to be is consistent.

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