Astros are still getting trolled, even at the World Series

Astros are still getting trolled, even at the World Series.

The Houston Astros aren’t even in the World Series this year, thank you Rays, but it didn’t stop the fans from making sure it was clear how they felt about the team. A fan was spotted in the stands sporting a Houston Asterisks sweatshirt and we LOL’d when we saw it.

One of the biggest haters of the Astros this season was Los Angeles Dodgers fans who felt robbed of a World Series title due to the team’s cheating scandal. And they are kind of right. So it’s no shock that at the World Series, Dodger fans would be spotting a bit of the Astros hate gear.

The Astros were found to be cheating over multiple seasons, including when they defeated the Dodgers in one the wildest (and closest) World Series in modern times. The team wasn’t stripped of the title and, for the most part, were just slapped on the wrist.

Jeff Luhnow says some of the cheaters are still employed by the Astros

Now-fired former Astros GM Jeff Luhnow even says some of the men behind the cheating are still working for the clubhouse.

“It’s pretty clear who was involved in the video decoding scheme, when it started, how often it happened, and basically when it ended,” Luhnow said to a local Houston TV station (h/t TMZ) “None of those people faced any repercussions,” Luhnow said. “They weren’t discussed in the report, but the evidence is all there that they were involved.”

At press time Game 1 of the World Series was scoreless through two and a half innings. Follow along with FanSided MLB for all your live results and highlights throughout the series.