Alex Cora issues remorseful statement after being re-hired by Red Sox

Alex Cora, Boston Red Sox. (Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Alex Cora, Boston Red Sox. (Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /

Alex Cora issues a statement after being re-hired by the Boston Red Sox.

Upon being brought back into the Boston Red Sox organization, Alex Cora issued a statement.

Cora, who had led the Red Sox to a World Series Championship in 2018 and one won as a player in Boston back in 2007, was let go by the organization ahead of the 2020 MLB season for his role in the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal back in 2017. He implemented similar sign-stealing methods during Boston’s most recent World Series run back in 2018. Cora has now been re-hired.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to manage once again and return to the game I have loved my entire life,” said Cora in a statement Friday. “This past year, I have had time to reflect and evaluate many things, and I recognize how fortunate I am to lead this team once again.”

“Not being a part of the game of baseball, and the pain of bringing negative attention to my family and this organization was extremely difficult. I am sorry for the harm my past actions have caused and will work hard to make this organization and its fans proud.”

“I owe John Henry, Tom Werner, Mike Gordon, Sam Kennedy, Chaim Bloom and Brian O’Halloran my gratitude for giving me another chance. I am eager to get back to work with our front office, coaches and especially our players. Boston is where I have always wanted to be and I could not be more excited to help the Red Sox achieve our ultimate goal of winning in October.”

Should we embrace Alex Cora getting a second chance to lead the Red Sox?

Since winning it all in 2018, the Red Sox have been a mess. They got caught up in Cora’s role in the sign-stealing scandal, which saw the termination of two other big league skippers before the start of the 2020 campaign. Boston also decided financial flexibility was more important than paying its best player Mookie Betts big money. Betts just won a World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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As for if we should be willing to give Cora a second chance, America is the land of second chances. If an organization like the Red Sox has the stones to re-hire Cora after he had been suspended from baseball for a season by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, then good for them. If the Red Sox believe Cora can be the panacea to the tire fire that has been Boston baseball of late, then so be it.

While the Red Sox got their guy back in Cora, they have lost all benefit of the doubt going forward.