Alex Smith threw for 300 yards, and everyone should be thrilled

Washington QB Alex Smith (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Washington QB Alex Smith (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images) /

Kyle Allen is likely out for the season, and now Alex Smith gets to shine

Smith entered the game in a Twilight Zone moment, with Allen suffering what appeared to be a similarly gruesome leg injury against the New York Giants. Thankfully, Allen’s ailment is not “worst-case scenario,” meaning he’ll only be out for the year, but likely not any longer.

Because of this, we can focus on the overwhelming positive in Washington, which is that Alex Smith gets another chance to shine late in his career. Smith was a capable veteran presence last we saw him, but suffered a terrible injury that kept him out for the better part of two years. In a since-released documentary, it’s been revealed that Smitht nearly lost his leg, and surely thought his playing days were over.

Instead, he’s about to lead Washington for perhaps the rest of the season.

Smith’s redemption tour got off to a great start

In Allen’s absence, Smith threw for 325 yards and nearly led a come-from-behind win over New York. Sure, it’s the Giants and the lowly NFC East, but the expectations for the Washington Football Team aren’t high. Any positivity Smith can provide at the position is appreciated.

Ron Rivera seems to have given up on Dwayne Haskins, and perhaps for good reason. Per reports, he’s not putting in the necessary effort to win the job back, and perhaps playing directly under Smith will help him realize just that. Smith is used to being a mentor, he’s done it in San Francisco with Colin Kaepernick and Kansas City with Patrick Mahomes. Those mentorships worked out pretty well.

But for now, Smith is thinking of himself, and a path to relevancy. If he succeeds in Washington, he’ll have just that as he enters the final stages of his career.

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