3 head coach and quarterback combos Chicago Bears need to pursue in 2021

Kyle Trask, Florida Gators. (USA Today)
Kyle Trask, Florida Gators. (USA Today) /

The Chicago Bears must accept they need a new head coach and quarterback situation in 2021.

The Chicago Bears are not a good football team because of the offense’s continued ineptitude.

Who cares if the Bears are 5-4? They are going nowhere with Ryan Pace as their general manager, Matt Nagy as their head coach and either Nick Foles or Mitchell Trubisky as their starting quarterback. Chicago needs to clean house and start over again on the offense. Getting a new offensive-minded head coach and starting quarterback at the very least resets the franchise

3. Zach Wilson (BYU Cougars quarterback), Josh McDaniels (New England Patriots offensive coordinator)

This pairing comes down to a handful of things. Will the talented BYU Cougars quarterback Zach Wilson leave Provo a year early? Does Josh McDaniels finally leave the New England Patriots to become an NFL head coach for the second time? Wilson has set the Group of 5 on fire this season, forcing his way into the Heisman Trophy conversation. McDaniels is already a proven commodity.

The Bears had great team success the last time they had a notable BYU alum under center in Jim McMahon. Wilson’s ability to stretch the field with his arm and make plays with his legs make him a serious 2021 NFL Draft prospect. Ultimately, McDaniels will have to decide if he is long for New England, does he want to be an NFL head coach again and if Wilson can be his Chicago star.

2. Trey Lance (North Dakota State Bison quarterback), Brian Daboll (Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator)

Unlike Wilson, North Dakota State Bison quarterback Trey Lance is expected to go in the first round this spring. He was sensational in his brief time starring in the FCS. The perfect NFL head coach for him has to be Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. Lance would be a better version of what Daboll has in Josh Allen, probably a tad closer to fellow Bison alum Carson Wentz.

Will the Bears have to trade up to get Lance? He will be the third quarterback off the board in 2021 behind the Clemson Tigers’ Trevor Lawrence and the Ohio State Buckeyes’ Justin Fields. Daboll will be a serious head-coaching candidate in this cycle. Who knows how he will be as a head coach, but pairing him with a playmaker the caliber of Lance certainly suits his strengths as a play caller.

1. Kyle Trask (Florida Gators quarterback), Jim Harbaugh (Michigan Wolverines head coach)

The best pairing the Bears can make at this time is draft Florida Gators quarterback Kyle Trask as the fourth quarterback off the board and pair him with former Bears starting quarterback Jim Harbaugh. Trask is the most talented quarterback in the SEC. While his NFL comp is not obvious right now, maybe he is some variation of Ben Roethlisberger or Jameis Winston coming out?

As for Harbaugh, 2020 feels like the last year he will be coaching his alma mater’s Michigan Wolverines. His team is at a disastrous 1-2 with back-to-back losses to the Michigan State Spartans and the Indiana Hoosiers. It feels like a mutual parting of ways feels inevitable. Harbaugh may be done with coaching, but leading his former NFL team with a player like Trask is appealing.

Ultimately, the Bears have won too many games to realistically pursue either Lawrence or Fields. Trading up to get Lance makes sense if you have the right coaching staff in place. Taking a flyer on Wilson later in the first round could provide a much-needed spark for the Bears offense. However, the best and most logical pairing seems like drafting Trask and hiring Harbaugh as its head coach.

The Bears cannot allow Foles, Nagy, Pace, and Trubisky to continue to ruin this football team.