NFL is actually defending the horrendous call on Marcus Peters’ pick

Marcus Peters, Baltimore Ravens. (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images)
Marcus Peters, Baltimore Ravens. (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images) /

The NFL has somehow found a way to defend one of its worst calls in league history.

Somehow, someway, the NFL is defending itself on the awful Marcus Peters interception call.

The NFL’s Senior Vice President of Officiating Alberto Riveron went on camera to defend arguably the worst call of the season. He says the overturned call which gave the Baltimore Ravens an interception and a fumble was the right one. Riveron said three steps backward was enough to ensure that the Ravens defensive back a pick of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Philip Rivers.

This was an incompletion and everybody who is not a Ravens fan knows it is

Egregious does not do justice to how horrendously terrible of a call it was to reverse the play. It was ruled an incompletion on the field before Ravens head coach John Harbaugh challenged it. In real time, it looked like Colts wide receiver Marcus Johnson was able to break up the intended pass from being picked off by Peters. Ravens strong safety Chuck Clark recovered the fumble.

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What made this play even worse was the Ravens were able to orchestrate a 10-play drive after the turnover, resulting in pay dirt for Baltimre. The rushing touchdown by Gus Edwards gave the Ravens a 14-10 lead early in the third quarter. With the Colts and the Ravens as two of the best teams in the AFC, the officials cannot have a botched call like this negatively impact the game.

The NFL should be ashamed of itself for blowing this awful call so horrendously.