Tom Brady’s refusal to accept defeat makes him a sore loser

Love him or hate him, it’s clear Father Time is catching up to Tom Brady.

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers agreed to terms with Tom Brady, they were expecting a six-time Super Bowl champ. For five straight years, fans watch Jameis Winston have near-flawless arm strength but lazy accuracy.

New year, new problem, same scary position in Tampa Bay for 2020.

Despite being perhaps the greatest to ever play the position, Brady is now 43. No matter how fast he runs or how great his passes are, no one can outrun or pass up Father Time. Brady learned that the hard way as two plays were the difference between victory and defeat.

That’s normal. Losses happen. What matters is how one overcomes adversity. For Brady, it’s failing to shake Jared Goff’s hand after the LA Rams marched into Raymond James Stadium and grabbed the 27-24 victory.

Consider it common courtesy in the league for two parties to shake hands. If you’re Brady, you only shake hands against those pocket-passers you respect. The only issue with that logic is Monday’s loss is entirely on him.

How can Brady not accept the fact that maybe he just played himself instead of being outplayed by another guy?

A pair of picks sealed it for Tampa Bay

Brady finished 28-of-46 for 216 yards and two scores. His top three targets finished with at least five catches and 49 yards, with two even finding the end zone. Keep in mind this was against the third-rated pass defense entering Monday and featured a cornerback that made D.K. Metcalf looked childish in coverage.

In the end, it was two plays that led to Tampa Bay raising the white flag to surrender.

Both of Brady’s interceptions were thrown on passes deeper than 15 yards. The first one was a pass well short of Chris Godwin’s post pattern and right into the hands of rookie safety Jordan Fuller. The second, Fuller played deeper back and hauled in another pick after Brady tried to find Cameron Brate on a seam route.

Both throws weren’t caused by a defender at the line of scrimmage. They weren’t tipped in the air either. Simply put, Brady just couldn’t connect.

The defense did their job, forcing two interceptions to ruin a stellar 376 yard, three touchdown  outing from Goff. Neither team effectively ran the ball as the two combined for five total first downs on rushing plays.

All that can be forgotten. The second snub handshake can’t. In games against Goff and Nick Foles, Brady has thrown three costly interceptions that gave Tampa a pair of losses. Instead of admitting defeat, he walked off the field with no shame.

Tampa Bay is still a playoff contender, but they’re also going to be rooted against. At 43, Brady should be acting as a veteran under center.

Veterans admit when they’ve been bested. So far, he’s 0-2 in saying good game to opponents other than Drew Brees that made the G.O.A.T. walk the plank.