WWE NXT results: Pete Dunne defeats Kyle O’Riley in the main event


NXT War Games is a few weeks away but there’s still a lot up in the air as both teams work to have the momentum heading into the specialty match.

The next WWE NXT TakeOver will feature the famed War Games stipulation: two teams, locked in cages, until they are released to fight each other in another cage. The Undisputed Era is preparing to take on Pat McAfee’s group, while Candice LeRae and Shotzi Blackheart begin to put together teams. NXT on Nov. 25 focused on those developing storylines and other angles worth watching.

The women’s division started off the night with a one-on-one match between Candice LeRae and Ember Moon. Moon went right after LeRae in an attempt to get her back for the beatdown she and Toni Storm suffered last week.

Moon used her power to throw LeRae around the ring for much of the match, even as Indi Hartwell attempted to get involved. LeRae’s experience helped her fight back, but she couldn’t stop the former champion from remaining in control. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez also made an appearance, which created an opening for LeRae. It would even get to the point where Moon was setting up for the Eclipse, but Hartwell ran in to take the move for LeRae, allowing LeRae to attack Moon again, hitting the Twisted Sister to get the win.

A grappler’s delight was up next as Kushida and Tim Thatcher had a one-on-one match. The match started out with them attempted to get a hold on the other, but Thatcher launched Kushida with a few suplexes to open up his offense. Thatcher continued to focus on the ankle, while Kushida opened up with a bunch of strikes all over Thatcher.

They continued to exchange holds and positions, with neither man able to remain on top to get the win. That changed when Tommaso Ciampa stood to his feet outside the ring, causing Thatcher to take his eyes off of Kushida. Kushida then locked in the Hoverboard Lock and forced Thatcher to submit.

Cameron Grimes continued his move “to the moon,” and this week it was a singles match against Jake Atlas. Atlas put up a fight early but he would eat the Cave In allowing Grimes to pin him and take the victory.

Pete Dunne and Kyle O’Riley battled in a ladder match in the main event. The advantage to War Games was on the line. The violence came quick and vicious in this match. Both men used ladders and everything outside the ring to damage their opponent to no end. Dunne would even suplex O’Riley from the ring and through a ladder that was connected to the barrier outside the ring.

O’Riley nearly destroyed his knee flying off of the top rope, but that wouldn’t stop him from keeping Dunne from reaching the briefcase. O’Riley had the match all but won, before a masked man came out to the ring and pushed the ladder over, giving Dunne enough time to recover and get the briefcase for the victory.

November 25 WWE NXT results

  • Candice LeRae defeated Ember Moon via pin fall
  • Kushida defeated Timothy Thatcher via submission
  • Cameron Grimes defeated Jake Atlas via pin fall
  • Pete Dunne defeated Kyle O’Riley in a ladder match