NFL power rankings, Week 15: Chiefs, Packers take huge steps

The Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers moved into the top seeds in their conferences on Sunday, and they’re not likely to fall backwards.


New York Jets 0-13

Last rank: 32nd

Not even pretending to care at this point.


Jacksonville Jaguars 1-12

Last rank: 31st

Jacksonville isn’t going to win another game. The schedule is brutal, and so are the Jags.


Cincinnati Bengals 2-10-1

Last rank: 30th

Again, no Joe Burrow, no chance for the Bengals.


Carolina Panthers 4-9

Last rank: 24th

The Panthers looked awful, against the Broncos, at home, off a bye week. Bad news.


Atlanta Falcons 4-8

Last rank: 23rd

We finally got the Disaster Bowl between the Falcons and Chargers, and Atlanta didn’t disappoint.


Houston Texans 4-8

Last rank: 25th

Houston was blasted by Mitchell Trubisky. That about sums about 2020 for the Texans.


Dallas Cowboys 4-9

Last rank: 28th

Andy Dalton’s revenge game is a success, and somehow the Cowboys are still alive.


Los Angeles Chargers 4-9

Last rank: 27th

In spite of their time management, the Chargers won on Sunday afternoon.


Philadelphia Eagles 4-8-1

Last rank: 29th

Jalen Hurts has given Philadelphia a spark. Is it enough to somehow win the division?


Denver Broncos 5-8

Last rank: 26th

Nice win by the Broncos, who have continued to play hard for Vic Fangio.


San Francisco 49ers 5-8

Last rank: 21st

The injuries finally sunk the 49ers.


Detroit Lions 5-8

Last rank: 20th

The Lions fought against the Packers, but it wasn’t enough. Same old song.


New York Giants 5-8

Last rank: 17th

New York had a golden opportunity, and the Giants looked lost against the Cardinals.


Chicago Bears 6-7

Last rank: 22nd

A win over Houston keeps things alive, but the Bears are still in need of a miracle.


Minnesota Vikings 6-7

Last rank: 16th

Minnesota might be working out some kickers this week.


Washington Commanders 6-7

Last rank: 19th

The defense is legit, and Ron Rivera is one hell of a football coach.


Las Vegas Raiders 7-6

Last rank: 15th

Just a brutal job by the Raiders down the stretch. Coming in 6-3 and then losing three of four.


New England Patriots 6-7

Last rank: 14th

Cam Newton is on borrowed time in New England.


Arizona Cardinals 7-6

Last rank: 18th

Huge, gutsy win by a Cardinals team that was reeling. Win two more and it’s playoff time.


Miami Dolphins 8-5

Last rank: 13th

Not going to ding Miami for losing to the Chiefs. The Dolphins fought hard and Tua Tagovailoa was much better in the second half.


Baltimore Ravens 8-5

Last rank: 12th

Baltimore doesn’t move up because almost everyone ahead of it won, but the Ravens are ready to go on a major roll with a soft schedule ahead.


Tennessee Titans 9-4

Last rank: 11th

The Titans thrashed Jacksonville and now they get the Lions in Nashville. Nice stretch.


Cleveland Browns 9-4

Last rank: 8th

Cleveland lost, but the Browns aren’t the same team we’ve known for 20 years. That said, they need to beat the Giants or face a potential disaster.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-5

Last rank: 10th

The Buccaneers were helped plenty by Dan Bailey, but they moved a big step forward towards the playoffs.


Seattle Seahawks 9-4

Last rank: 9th

Big game on deck with Washington. After that, a showdown with the Rams for the NFC West.


Los Angeles Rams 9-4

Last rank: 7th

The Rams continue to play great defensively and do enough offensively. It’s all about Week 16 against the Seahawks for the NFC West.


Indianapolis Colts 9-4

Last rank: 6th

Indianapolis has a very good defense, a capable offense and a hell of a coaching staff. The Colts are going to be a tough out.


Pittsburgh Steelers 11-2

Last rank: 4th

The offense is anemic. There’s just no punch, and it’s catching up with Pittsburgh.


New Orleans Saints 10-3

Last rank: 2nd

Tough break for the Saints. Without their Hall of Fame quarterback, they’ve gone 3-1. Overall, nine straight wins, and yet they’re likely going without a bye.


Green Bay Packers 10-3

Last rank: 5th

Green Bay now has the inside track to home-field advantage through the NFC playoffs. Huge.


Buffalo Bills 10-3

Last rank: 3rd

If there was any doubt, there’s not anymore. The Bills are a Super Bowl contender, and Josh Allen is a star.


Kansas City Chiefs 12-1

Last rank: 1st

The Chiefs committed four turnovers, against a previously 8-4 team, on the road, and won fairly easily.