Dodgers: Trevor Bauer’s contract with Los Angeles is record-setting

Trevor Bauer will reportedly be making record money on his new deal with the Dodgers.

The Bauer offseason drama officially came to an end Friday afternoon once it was reported he decided to take his talents to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Bauer is heading back to his home of Southern California and it was expected the contract would feature some major money. As it turns out, he is getting a record-setting deal.

Bauer makes some record money

This is a player-friendly deal for the ages. Bauer will reportedly get $85 million over the first two years of his deal and can opt out at any time. For those keeping track, he will earn well over $1 million per start.

The jump from $40 million in 2021 to $45 million in 2022 is astounding as Bauer totally resets the pitcher market. It is truly something to think how a pitcher can get this type of money, but the Dodgers have the funds and were clearly read to pay whatever it took to land Bauer.

As a comparison, Gerrit Cole will earn $36 million annually from 2021-2028. But for Bauer, he has assured himself over $100 million in a three-year span if he sticks with the Dodgers. The 30-year-old could even choose to opt out following the 2022 season and seek another maximized short-term deal.

There was a point in time when Bauer said he would only accept one-year deals. Landing the opt-outs in this deal achieves that goal in what was a great negotiation on his team’s end.

Bauer now has a record-setting deal and stars around the league may be calling their agents to ask why they couldn’t negotiate such a contract.