Houston restaurant takes hilarious shot at Texans’ problem Jack Easterby

Jack Easterby may not be welcome at every Houston restaurant after driving the Houston Texans organization into the ground.

The Houston Texans have a problem, and it is Jack Easterby.

No team in the NFL has had a more tumultuous offseason than the Texans. They were the first team to fire their former head coach and the last one of seven clubs to hire a replacement. All the while, the former New England Patriots team chaplain continues to climb the corporate ladder in the Texans organization. He has not done a good job, and this Houston restaurant has noticed.

Jack Easterby will have to either order takeout or cook for himself after this

In the last year, the Texans have traded away wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, released defensive end J.J. Watt and have aggravated quarterback Deshaun Watson enough to the point where he has formally requested a trade. Besides owner Cal McNair, the only constant throughout this nonsense has been Easterby. He must give the best sermons. Otherwise, what is going on here?

So while this popular Houston restaurant says what many Houstonians wish they could, we cannot expect this to have any impact on the Texans franchise. The Texans have an upcoming NFL Draft to look forward to, one where they do not own the No. 3 overall pick because they traded it to the Miami Dolphins for Laremy Tunsil. I guess fascination with NFL free agency will have to do.

If you are Jack Easterby and you go to this Houston restaurant, there will be no food for you to eat.