NBA Twitter destroyed Draymond Green for costing the Warriors yet again

Draymond Green received the wrath of NBA Twitter for his double technical.

We can argue all day about whether or not Green deserved a double technical in that critical of a moment, and it’s no surprise NBA officials made a controversial call at the worst possible time. Nonetheless, Draymond has to be better in that situation, and he acknowledged as much to his teammates after their loss to the Charlotte Hornets.

Green had a point to his anger — the Hornets didn’t have control of the basketball when they called a timeout. Theoretically, the officials should’ve called a jump ball instead. But as Draymond has learned so many times before, acting like a petulant child to the refs after a bad call never ends well.

NBA Twitter had some fun at Draymond Green’s expense last night

Fair or not, Green has a reputation, and he lived up to it in the worst of ways on Saturday night. So, NBA Twitter went after him.

The Dubs are rolling with Draymond whether the fans like him or not, as he’s one of the more under-appreciated players in basketball. His poor shooting percentage from outside the paint and his attitude don’t reflect the player he can be, especially in big moments. Sometimes, however, those faults get the best of him.

Better it happen in February than in June.