Dustin Pedroia shares motivational message with 2021 Red Sox

Boston Red Sox legend Dustin Pedroia sent an emotional message to this year’s team to get them ready for the 2021 campaign. 

After an incredible career, Dustin Pedroia officially announced his retirement from the Boston Red Sox earlier this month. There’s no questioning how much he’s meant to the organization, and it feels kind of strange knowing he’s retired and won’t be back on the field with the team anymore.

Regardless, Pedroia is still ready to do whatever he can to help the Red Sox even if his playing days are over. He made that much clear by delivering a passionate, emotional message to the club ahead of the 2021 campaign.

Dustin Pedroia sending a video message to the Red Sox is awesome

The Red Sox shared on their Twitter page the incredible video Pedroia sent to his former teammates, telling them to always give it everything they’ve got when they’re donning the team’s uniform.

“This game doesn’t last forever, guys,” Pedroia said in the video. “You’ve got to take pride in everything. Try to be the best in everything. Good luck. Trust me, I’ll be watching every pitch.”

If you’re a Red Sox fan, it’s got to be tough watching that video. Pedroia meant so much to the organization and you can tell how much he’s going to miss playing for Boston. He’ll never have to pay for a beer in the city again.

As for this year’s club, the Red Sox have welcomed back Alex Cora as the skipper. Boston is hoping to wipe away the rough memories from last year’s awful showing, as the team finished in last place of the AL East standings with its 24-36 record. However, there’s excitement surrounding the team right now, and Pedroia will be ready to support the team throughout the year.