Eagles drafting Trey Lance would be awkward transition from Carson Wentz

Trey Lance, North Dakota State Bison. (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images)
Trey Lance, North Dakota State Bison. (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images) /

The Eagles drafting Trey Lance would be quite the awkward move after trading away Carson Wentz.

The Philadelphia Eagles thought Carson Wentz was the quarterback of the future after drafting him in 2016. Now he is donning an Indianapolis Colts jersey and Jalen Hurts is projected to be the starting quarterback in Philadelphia this year.

The Eagles may also be considering further quarterback options in the draft. In turns out, one of their options is a friend of Wentz’s and happened to follow in his footsteps at North Dakota State. That would be intriguing quarterback prospect Trey Lance.

Eagles could make an awkward transition from Wentz to Lance

NFL reporter Mike Garafolo states he isn’t linking Lance to the Eagles just yet. However, the fact the Eagles are looking into him in the first place shows some interest is there from the team.

Hurts not being taken in 2020 would have changed the whole dynamic. Perhaps the Eagles would have held onto Wentz, or maybe even made it clear they were taking a top quarterback after moving on from the former No. 2 overall pick.

Lance being friends with Wentz doesn’t bode well for how he would view the Eagles. The team adding Lance after just drafting Hurts could also lead to even more unnecessary drama surrounding the quarterback position in Philadelphia.

Lance is an intriguing prospect because he really only has one college season under his belt. That came in 2019 when he absolutely tore up the competition. Lance threw 28 touchdowns and zero interceptions en route to winning the 2020 NCAA Division 1 Football Championship Game. His Bison finished undefeated and he also ran for over 1,000 yards and 14 touchdowns as well.

He was only able to play one game in 2020 before the season was moved to this spring and decided to opt out and enter the 2021 NFL Draft.

Moving on from one NDSU quarterback only to take another would be an awkward storyline fitting for an Eagles team that has had too much dysfunction after winning the Super Bowl during the 2017 season. It would also be awkward for Hurts, so the best plan of action may be to focus on other positions of need this time around.

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