Watch Adam Sandler playing pick-up basketball in a polo shirt and prove he’s got game

Adam Sandler at a Lakers game. (Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)
Adam Sandler at a Lakers game. (Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images) /

Film star Adam Sandler went viral on Monday thanks to a video of him playing pick-up basketball on Long Island in a polo shirt.

Need a pick-me-up today? A look at Adam Sandler living his best life should do the trick.

The actor turned up on a basketball court in Long Island to shoot some hoops.

Thanks to the magic of smartphones and social media, the highlights soon hit the internet.

Adam Sandler balls out in pick-up basketball

The best thing about those clips is Sandler’s attire. In the words of B.W. Carlin on Twitter, “Sandler looks like when you forgot your gym clothes in the middle school but didn’t want to miss out on basketball day.”

Former NBA stars like Baron Davis went to bat for Sandler’s game.

Sandler has played football players in the past. He even featured in the Carolina Panther’s schedule reveal for this season. He clearly enjoys himself on the basketball court. And fans of the actor and game enjoy it too.

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