Saints reaction to Drew Brees official retirement is all kinds of sad

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints. (USA Today)
Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints. (USA Today) /

The New Orleans Saints reacting to Drew Brees officially retiring on social media is so sad.

With Drew Brees filing the paperwork to officially retiring from the NFL, the New Orleans Saints‘ reaction to it on Twitter was so incredibly sad that it breaks our hearts.

Brees is without debate the best player in Saints franchise history. Without him, there is a very good chance the Saints would be playing in San Antonio these days under a new moniker. He gave New Orleans a Super Bowl and helped revitalize all of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. The Saints used Woody from Toy Story to say goodbye with, “so long, partner.”

The Saints have to carry on as a professional football franchise without their greatest player ever.

New Orleans Saints officially say goodbye to Drew Brees on Twitter

Even if Brees has called it a career, the Saints are in good shape to contend for a playoff spot in the NFC yet again. While them winning the NFC South for the fifth year in a row seems a bit out of reach, especially with the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers being the same division, the defense and skill positions offensively should have this team playing into January.

However, the biggest challenge for the Saints is replacing Brees as best as they can. It will likely be Jameis Winston who wins the starting job, with Taysom Hill filling in at times with his Swiss Army knife role on this team. Winston can play, as illustrated by his five-year run in Tampa Bay prior to arriving in New Orleans last year, but his erratic nature will be a departure from Brees’ steadiness.

Now that the paperwork has been filed, the Saints can finally usher in a new era for the franchise.

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