Video: Lucas Giolito fires back at Josh Donaldson with NSFW response over ‘sticky hands’ troll


Chicago White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito didn’t hold back when laying into Josh Donaldson for his ‘sticky hands’ troll. 

Let’s spare hyperbole: MLB pitchers do not appreciate the league’s aggressive crackdown on the use of foreign substances.

Look no further than Sergio Romo and his emphatic reaction to being checked for a foreign substance before exiting a game for the A’s. Or Max Scherzer losing his mind when he was checked by umpires during one of his recent starts.

Sticky Stuff, as the common man calls it, is a foreign substance that many believe is the reason pitching has been so dominant this season. The fact that spin rates are down across the league since the crackdown only reinforces this notion not only with fans but with players who were on the wrong end of the pitching boom.

Josh Donaldson accused Lucas Giolito of using sticky stuff

Josh Donaldson is one of those players and he used a first-inning home run off of Chicago White Sox ace Lucas Giolito to send a message. After Donaldson crossed home plate, he yelled ‘hand’s not sticky anymore’, both referencing the sticky stuff controversy and seemingly accusing Giolito of cheating.

After the game, in which the White Sox won 7-5, Giolito didn’t hide the fact that he was less than thrilled about the troll.

Lucas Giolito got the last laugh in feud with Josh Donaldson

“He’s a f–ing pest. That’s kind of a classless move,” Giolito said postgame. “If you’re going to talk sh– talk sh– to my face.”

While Giolito is well within his rights to clap back at Donaldson, who has done himself no favors around the league with his brash antics, one has to wonder why he was so triggered by the troll.

It’s also worth mentioning that the White Sox pride themselves on a brand of baseball that’s in-your-face and generally accepted as being fun for its disregard for the golden rules. Giolito calling out Donaldson for essentially giving the Sox a taste of their own medicine feels a bit hypocritical if not a total overreaction.