4 quarterbacks the Vikings can pursue as Kirk Cousins insurance

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Gardner Minshew. player. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. 2.. 52. QB, Jaguars.

Minshew is perhaps the most available quarterback in the league, as the Jaguars transition to Trevor Lawrence as their guy for the present and future. There is an angle that suggests they’d keep him, in case Lawrence is injured or rendered unavailable by COVID-19 in some fashion. Teams, even one in rebuild mode as Jacksonville is, simply have to have a solid contingency plan for their starting quarterback possibly not being available for a game.

Minshew’s status as a cult hero obscures how well he has played. In 23 career games (20 starts), his touchdown-to-interception ratio is more than 3:1 (37 and 11), with a 93.1 passer rating and a completion rate nearly 63 percent. He’s not a star, but going 6-6 as a rookie starter in 2019 stands as an accomplishment with the way the Jaguars looked last season.

Based purely on his physical look and general attitude, Minshew invites the idea he’s an erratic quarterback. But that hasn’t been shown in his results, so if an old-school coach like Zimmer can set aside any pre-conceived notions he may have about him Minshew can certainly keep the Vikings’ offense on the rails during a possible Cousins’ absence.