Brandon Belt learned from Will Craig’s downfall with Javy Baez (Video)

Giants first baseman Brandon Belt. (Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports)
Giants first baseman Brandon Belt. (Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports) /

San Francisco Giants first baseman Brandon Belt wasn’t going to fall for the same shenanigans Javy Baez pulled on Will Craig.

Remember that time Javy Baez got out of a pickle and stole a run for the Cubs because Will Craig forgot a basic rule of baseball? Brandon Belt does.

Belt was in a similar position to Craig as the Giants faced Baez and the Mets. The New York shortstop grounded to first and nearly baited the first baseman into chasing after him for a tag.

Unlike Craig, Belt didn’t fall for it.

Brandon Belt learned a valuable lesson from Will Craig’s Javy Baez blunder

If you need a refresher, Will Craig of the Pirates famously tried to chase down Baez between home plate and first. He could have just stepped on first base for the out. Instead, he tried to catch Baez, who went back all the way to home while his teammate slid in for a run. In the chaotic and error-filled aftermath, Baez made it to second.

Belt decided to do things the easy way and simply got Baez out at first with the touch of his toe.

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