Carson Wentz asks people to respect personal decision even if it’s dumb

Carson Wentz, Indianapolis Colts. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Carson Wentz, Indianapolis Colts. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

Carson Wentz will not get the COVID-19 vaccine because it is a “personal decision.”

With Week 1 right around the corner, new Indianapolis Colts starting quarterback Carson Wentz told the media on Thursday why he is not getting the COVID-19 vaccine: It is personal.

Of the 32 teams in the NFL, the Colts continue to be on the shortlist of teams who are among the least vaccinated. While only the Atlanta Falcons and now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have achieved 100 percent vaccination status, it is very odd for a quarterback on his last chance to be a starter to once again make it all about him. If he bombs in Indianapolis, Wentz is a clipboard holder.

Wentz may want people to respect his decision, but you better believe people will be judging him.

Colts QB Carson Wentz explains why he is not getting the COVID-19 vaccine

With the Colts being one of the least vaccinated teams in the NFL, they are undoubtedly putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Frankly, it is going to keep them out of serious Super Bowl contention. Yes, they can still win the AFC South, but that is only because it is the worst division in football. If you are a Colts fan, be prepared to be frustrated by this selfish football team.

And that is what this really comes down to. Wentz has a bad narrative about him being an incredibly selfish teammate. It largely led to his undoing with the Philadelphia Eagles. He did not want to compete with Jalen Hurts in practice and he does not want to get the vaccine. Ask Cam Newton how that goes when you are only a fringe starter. Then again, this is who Wentz really is.

We should not be shocked Wentz makes Jeff George and Eric Dickerson look like good teammates.

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