Aaron Boone’s reaction to latest Yankees loss is a blueprint for how to get fired

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone. (Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports)
New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone. (Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports) /

The New York Yankees are in danger of falling out of the AL wild card and manager Aaron Boone doesn’t seem to have any answers.

The Yankees just can’t figure things out right now.

On Thursday night, New York let the Blue Jays sweep them at Yankee Stadium, extending their losing streak to six games. The Yankees have won just two of their last 12.

There’s not much manager Aaron Boone can say at this point. When he does speak, nothing good comes of it.

“We just had a horrible homestand. It’s not okay. We’re pissed off about it. But we’ve been through this throughout the season … We look forward to going out and turning this around tomorrow,” Boone said after the loss to Toronto per Max Goodman of Sports Illustrated.

Aaron Boone is out of answers during this latest Yankees slump

Things were looking up for the Yankees at the end of August. They went on a 13-game winning streak to lend some serious momentum going into the final month of the season. Then they fell off a cliff.

Now, Boone’s team is 10 games behind the Rays in the AL East and their hold on a wild card spot is tenuous. The sweep by the Blue Jays put Toronto within half a game of kicking the Yankees out of the playoffs.

NY has simply been too inconsistent this season. A long winning streak one moment, a long losing streak the next. It’s no wonder Boone is on the hot seat. A team with the payroll his has shouldn’t be having these kinds of problems.

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