Mason Crosby caps Packers comeback with 51-yard field goal as time expires (Video)


Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby capped a last-second comeback, making a 51-yard field goal to win the game as time expired.

37 seconds and no timeouts was not enough to contain Aaron Rodgers.

The future Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks was able to lead a game-winning drive to defeat a team that has been a tough out for Green Bay in recent years, the San Francisco 49ers.

Week 1 proved to be an aberration, despite all the popular pundit talking points. Whether Rodgers came out ready to go remains a question better left unanswered. What cannot be denied, however, is his ability to respond.

Rodgers rightly will get the headlines, but it’s Crosby’s leg that was technically the deciding factor.

Packers: Aaron Rodgers all-in after early struggles

Jimmy Garoppolo kept matters close, especially with a clutch drive of his own to give the 49ers a late lead. However, it turned out that just under 40 seconds was too much time for Rodgers, and Jimmy G’s late-game heroics will got unnoticed outside of San Francisco.

That’s just how the NFL works, unfortunately. The losing team rarely receives the praise they deserve, in some cases.

Rodgers himself has been excellent minus a tough Week 1. At this rate, he’ll put himself squarely back in the MVP conversation, which is exactly how well the Packers need him to play to make their goals of a Super Bowl a reality.

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