Aaron Rodgers gave some very good advice to Joe Burrow

After the Green Bay Packers took down the Bengals on Sunday, Aaron Rodgers said he told Joe Burrow to slide instead of going for big-time plays moving forward. 

What a showdown NFL fans were treated too on Sunday between the Green Bay Packers and Cincinnati Bengals. In the second quarter, though, countless hearts dropped inside of Paul Brown Stadium when Joe Burrow took a vicious hit trying to fight for extra yards on 3rd-and-long.

Burrow stayed in the game, but his head smashed against the turf in a scary way. From the moment that play went down, folks have been calling for Burrow to be smarter and slide. As it turns out, that was the exact advice Aaron Rodgers gave the second-year signal-caller shortly after the final whistle.

Aaron Rodgers gave Joe Burrow some sound advice after their Week 5 tilt

Those are some strong words from Rodgers and Bengals fans are hoping Burrow listens. He very well could have suffered a serious injury on that play. Luckily for him and Cincinnati, he was able to get up and keep playing.

Next time, though, who knows if he’ll be as lucky. When you take a look at the replay of the play we’re talking about here, you can understand why Rodgers was so quick to tell Burrow to make better decisions.

After tearing his ACL during his rookie season, Burrow worked tirelessly to make sure he could be ready for the 2021 campaign. While he’s got plenty of fire in his belly and is always going to want to go the extra mile for his team, he’s simply got to slide and not risk things the next time he decides to take off like this. He’d be wise to listen to Rodgers, no doubt about that.