Red Sox interested in Javy Baez: How much would he cost, and where would he play?

Javy Baez, New York Mets. (Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)
Javy Baez, New York Mets. (Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Boston Red Sox are interested in infielder Javy Baez, but he’d come at a steep asking price.

Baez would have to sign on to play second base, and he’d likely do so as long as it didn’t impact his long-term contract implications. Javy played plenty of third base with the New York Mets, allowing Francisco Lindor to stay at his usual shortstop position.

In Boston, Xander Bogaerts is the long-term shortstop, and he isn’t going anywhere. Rafael Devers mans the hot corner, giving the Red Sox one of the best left sides of the infield in all of baseball. Adding Baez to the mix just sounds unfair, but Chaim Bloom is willing to try.

Javy Baez rumors: Can Red Sox afford him?

Per Spotrac, Baez’s market value is just under $25 million per year. He’ll be in pursuit of a long-term contract in what could be his last significant deal at 28 years old. The Mets, and several other shortstop-needy teams remain in on Baez, giving him plenty of options at this juncture of free agency.

This makes the Red Sox pursuit flawed from the jump, as they’re asking Baez to not only switch positions off his usual shortstop, but also relinquish star power in the infield to Bogaerts and Devers. If Javy’s main goal is to win, however, this is the same Red Sox team that made the ALCS last year, surprising many in the process.

After slashing .248/.292/.484 in 92 games with the Cubs in 2021, Baez finished strong with the Mets despite some off-field antics and arguments with the fanbase, slashing a far superior .299/.371/.515. Depending on which version of Baez a team is getting, he’s either worth the $25 million his agent will sell him as, or he’s a potential overpay.

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