NFL power rankings, Week 12: Chiefs rise, Bills fall

As we approach Thanksgiving, the Kansas City Chiefs are heating up while the Buffalo Bills wonder what went wrong on Sunday afternoon.

Detroit Lions
0-9-1 LW: 32

They better beat the Bears on Thanksgiving, or it could be another winless year.

Jacksonville Jaguars
2-8 LW: 30

Urban Meyer is looking at the Florida job like an ice cream cone.

New York Jets
2-8 LW: 29

Is Robert Saleh going to be one-and-done? This is brutal.

Houston Texans
2-8 LW: 31

The Texans forced five turnovers and beat the Titans in Tennessee. Well done.

New York Giants
3-7 LW: 28

It’s another long year for Big Blue. Just can’t get it figured out.

Chicago Bears
3-7 LW: 26

Matt Nagy should have been fired on the field after losing to the Ravens.

Seattle Seahawks
3-7 LW: 24

This might have signaled the end of an era with Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll.

Atlanta Falcons
4-6 LW: 23

What a pathetic, embarrassing performance for a second straight week.

Miami Dolphins
4-7 LW: 27

The Dolphins have quietly won three straight and aren’t dead yet.

Washington Football Team
4-6 LW: 25

Huge wins against the Buccaneers and Panthers in consecutive weeks. Washington is alive.

Denver Broncos
5-5 LW: 22

The Broncos come out of the bye to host the Chargers. A must-win for their playoff hopes.

Carolina Panthers
5-6 LW: 18

Carolina had a chance to really make a move in the NFC playoff picture but fell flat.

Cleveland Browns
6-5 LW: 20

The Browns won, but it was another ugly performance against the Lions.

Pittsburgh Steelers
5-4-1 LW: 17

Pittsburgh somehow scored 37 points, and even crazier, managed to lose the game.

New Orleans Saints
5-5 LW: 13

The Saints are injured and hopeless on offense. Trevor Siemian needs to sit down.

Philadelphia Eagles
5-6 LW: 21

Philadelphia has a really nice shot at the playoffs. No team has an easier remaining schedule.

Las Vegas Raiders
5-5 LW: 12

It’s over.

Minnesota Vikings
5-5 LW: 19

The Vikings have found new life, and a huge game looms against the Niners.

San Francisco 49ers
5-5 LW: 16

San Francisco is playing much better. A win this weekend against Minnesota would be huge.

Cincinnati Bengals
6-4 LW: 14

The Bengals came out of their bye and crushed the Raiders. Now, Pittsburgh at home.

Indianapolis Colts
6-5 LW: 15

Nobody was more impressive on Sunday than the Colts. Great, great win in Buffalo.

Los Angeles Chargers
6-4 LW: 11

The Chargers are bizarre, but they’re also 6-4 and still fighting for the AFC West.

Buffalo Bills
6-4 LW: 6

The Bills have to figure out their defensive line. No pressure, no push, no chance.

Baltimore Ravens
7-3 LW: 9

The Ravens won without Lamar Jackson. No matter how ugly, that’s beautiful.

New England Patriots
7-4 LW: 10

The hottest team in the AFC, but are they Super Bowl contenders?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7-3 LW: 8

The Buccaneers finally got off their snide against the Giants. A much-needed win.

Dallas Cowboys
7-3 LW: 4

The Cowboys needed more from Dak Prescott on Sunday. Quick holiday turnaround.

Los Angeles Rams
7-3 LW: 5

Big opportunity this week to beat a wounded Packers team at Lambeau Field.

Kansas City Chiefs
7-4 LW: 7

The Chiefs are suddenly a defensive-first team, and that’s terrifying considering the offense.

Green Bay Packers
8-3 LW: 2

Nevermind losing to the Vikings, the Packers’ injuries are becoming overwhelming.

Tennessee Titans
8-3 LW: 1

What the hell happened? Rough loss, and now off to Foxboro for a gut-check.

Arizona Cardinals
9-2 LW: 3

No Kyler Murray or DeAndre Hopkins? No problem, says football’s best team.