Look: LeBron James, Lakers ignored wide open Russell Westbrook on final possession

Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook. (Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports)
Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook. (Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Los Angeles Lakers had a chance late against the Grizzlies but passed up a wide-open Russell Westbrook before turning the ball over.

The Lakers are in turmoil and the cracks only seem to be getting wider.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles trailed the Grizzlies by three points with seconds on the clock. Russell Westbrook found himself wide open in the corner, but Malik Monk opted not to pass to him.

The possession ultimately ended with a turnover.

Screenshots highlighted just how open Westbrook was on the play. The fact that Monk chose not to pass to him speaks volumes.

Lakers bypassed a wide-open Russell Westbrook on the final possession

Westbrook had an opportunity to cut the deficit before all that. However, he missed the driving layup with four defenders around him instead of kicking out to open teammates. What goes around may very well come around.

The Lakers need to figure things out with Westbrook if they want to succeed this season. They’ve lost six of their last seven games with the lone win coming against the Rockets.

With Anthony Davis sidelined by injury, they should lean on James and Westbrook but the latter hasn’t exactly been reliable. If teammates are passing up chances to get him the ball, that’s a bad sign.

While he continues to rack of triple-doubles, the stat padding isn’t helping LA win basketball games.

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