Could Antonio Brown fight Jake Paul in the near future?

Antonio Brown quit the NFL and the Buccaneers during Sunday’s game and now fans are already expecting him to fight Jake Paul. 

The Antonio Brown drama reached its unfortunate peak on Sunday with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After something happened on the sideline in New York facing the Jets, Brown stripped off his pads and then walked off the field before leaving the stadium.

Clearly, this led to the Bucs saying he was no longer on the team. And given his many transgressions over recent years, this might well be the last straw (and last chance) for Antonio Brown as it pertains to playing in the NFL.

All of this and Brown’s almost inevitable permanent NFL hiatus led to many fans and media members wondering when the wide receiver would lace up the gloves and fight Jake Paul (or at least one of the Paul brothers) in a boxing match.

Antonio Brown-Jake Paul fight: Could boxing match actually happen?

First of all, it would make sense that Antonio Brown could end up going down this road. He’s almost surely exhausted all of his NFL opportunities and that too means the cash flow will stop. Thus, he could be in need of a quick payday, which a fight would provide.

Moreover, ny fight between Jake Paul and Logan Paul to this point has been more circus than boxing match — particularly considering that the former has yet to fight, you know, an actual boxer. So it would be fitting for Brown to end up fighting one of them.

In terms of the logistics, though, an outright Antonio Brown vs. Jake Paul fight does seem a tad unlikely, particularly if Paul feels the pressure to step into the ring against a boxer. With that said, though, it does feel exceptionally possible that the wide receiver would end up with some fight on one of the Paul brothers’ cards in the near future.