Barry Bonds Hall of Fame chances already basically over

Barry Bonds, Westminster Dog Show. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)
Barry Bonds, Westminster Dog Show. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images) /

For San Francisco Giants fans hoping Barry Bonds would make it into the Hall of Fame, things aren’t looking good for him at all. 

The home-run king, San Francisco giants legend Barry Bonds was the childhood hero for so many and he figured to be a guaranteed lock to head to Cooperstown. Then, everything changed in a flash thank to his steroid scandal.

Bonds, who was first eligible for induction back in 2013, hasn’t come close to getting the needed votes. Now that he’s in his last year of trying to make it across, the man needs some serious help, as the early ballots aren’t giving him much love either.

Barry Bonds isn’t expected to make it to the Hall of Fame

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Bonds is hated by so many out there. He had one of the purest swings in the game and his home-run power was out of this world. From the moment everyone found out he cheated his way to all the success, he lost countless fans because of it.

Now, those same haters will no question be celebrating if Bonds indeed is held out of the Hall of Fame. For his career, there’s no denying the lefty slugger recorded some amazing numbers. People would line up to watch him play each night.

Bonds ended up finishing with 763 home runs. No one will ever forget his remarkable campaign back in 2001 when he broke Mark Maguire’s record and belted 73 dingers. That was a summer to remember. Bonds also took home MVP honors seven times.

With all of that said, Bonds was caught red-handed with his use of banned substances. There’s no defending that. The man cheated and because of it, he’ll likely never have the ability to call himself a Hall of Famer.

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