LeBron James has words of serious praise for Malik Monk

Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images
Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images /

LeBron James spoke on how he wanted to snatch Malik Monk from Charlotte — and how it “doesn’t make sense” how well it all worked out. 

LeBron James is an athlete, entrepreneur, and at this point, general manager.

While unofficially listed in Lakers management, the NBA legend has been known to have his run of things, especially on teams that owe their recent championships to his endeavors. As talented as he is alone, James excels when it comes to bringing people together, which is why he’s built a superteam time and time again.

Some of the trades work out, some don’t: James did get Anthony Davis to help him win a championship, but he wasn’t able to convince Damian Lillard to relocate to Los Angeles.

However, LeBron revealed that he was manifesting the arrival of Malik Monk, and he still can’t believe how perfectly it all worked out.

“Me and J-Kidd [Jason Kidd], we wanted him last year,” James told media. “We were wondering if there was a way to snatch him away from their (Charlotte’s) roster. Through timing and patience, we was able to get him this summertime. It still doesn’t make sense to me, but we’re happy to have him.”

LeBron James worked on bringing Malik Monk to Los Angeles

The 23-year-old Monk made headlines for joking about his pristine, tattoo-free shooting arm, but he put that arm to good use last night as he and James teamed up for a thrilling victory over the Sacramento Kings.

While the teams kept it close for the majority of the game, the scoring laid on the shoulder of Monk and James, who ensured L.A. came away with the 122-114 win.

James scored 14 of his 31 points in the final quarter, while Monk scored 11 of his 24 points in the last seven minutes — clutch performances that gave Los Angeles their 8-point edge. Monk hit six of 11 3-pointers in another impressive outing for the Lakers, reserving a spot on the starting roster.

LeBron may have seen it years ago, but now the world can see just exactly what Malik Monk has to offer the Los Angeles Lakers.

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