Dak Prescott apologizes for controversial comments on officials after backlash

Dak Prescott apologized for his controversial remarks about Cowboys fans throwing trash at officials after the team’s loss to the 49ers amid backlash.

The immediate aftermath of an NFL game, particularly a playoff affair, can be a highly tense proposition. Sometimes, that leads to players and/or coaches saying things that, with a cooler head, there’s almost no chance they would say. Such was the case with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott on Sunday after the team’s loss to the 49ers at home.

Speaking to the media after a game during which the Cowboys were called for 14 penalties and an official bumped into Prescott and center Tyler Biadasz as they tried to get off a spike attempt to run one more play, the quarterback fired off a controversial remark when he was told that fans were throwing trash from the stands at officials, saying “credit to them.”

Many fans and NFL media immediately pointed out that those comments were a bad look. And on Tuesday, the National Basketball Referees Association issued a statement admonishing the quarterback for his controversial postgame quote.

Dak Prescott apology: Cowboys QB ‘deeply regrets’ comments on refs

Amid all of this backlash, Prescott owned up to being in the wrong on Tuesday evening, issuing an apology for his comments, saying that he was essentially caught up in the emotion of a tough loss.

Considering that the Cowboys quarterback is a Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee and all signs off the field have pointed to him being a stand-up guy, you have to take his apology at face value.

With that said, it is a lesson to Prescott and other NFL players that, even in the heat of the moment, their words do have consequences. And even if officials are far from perfect, they deserve to be protected.