Who is going to coach the New Orleans Saints in 2022?

With Sean Payton set to step away from the New Orleans Saints, questions abound as to who will replace him in the coveted head-coaching position. 

It seems the rumors that Sean Payton is leaving the New Orleans Saints are true: the 58-year-old head coach will be “stepping away” for the 2022 season, offering more details in his press conference.

With Payton out of the picture, the Saints will join several other NFL teams this offseason who are tasked with searching for a new head coach.

And no, it won’t be Kevin James, although he certainly looks the part.

Who will coach the New Orleans Saints in the 2022 season?

As of now, there is no clear front-runner for the Saints head coaching vacancy, but the Saints are joining the race late in the game. The Saints are one of nine NFL teams with an opening at head coach, but their unexpected arrival also puts them last in line for head coaching recruitment. Other teams, such as the Dolphins, Giants, and Vikings have a head start and have already interviewed many of the top candidates.

Prime candidates such as Brian Daboll, Brian Flores, Jim Caldwell and Nathaniel Hackett may already have jobs in the next day or two, taking them off the table. Other candidates, such as Byron Leftwich, Eric Bienemy, Todd Bowles, Raheem Morris, and Kevin O’Connell, could remain in the mix and interview to replace Payton.

When Payton arrived in 2006, he represented a new hope to rebuild a city still devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Payton’s hope was realized when the Saints won their first-ever Super Bowl in 2010, and he delivered many playoff appearances with Drew Brees at the helm.

While it’s difficult to imagine who will be able to follow up someone like Payton, there are plenty of top names for the Saints to choose from as they focus on rebuilding once again.