Look: Deebo Samuel’s NFC Championship Game cleats pay homage to nickname

Deebo Samuel was able to get a hold of some custom cleats ahead of the NFC Championship Game and nobody will mistake them for anyone else’s shoes.

As the San Francisco 49ers get set to face off against the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship Game, Deebo Samuel is showing off some pretty cool custom cleats. The 26-year-old San Francisco receiver will almost certainly have the best cleats out of anyone on the field for Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.

Yeah. Those are very clearly Samuel’s cleats.

There’s absolutely zero chance anyone will think those shoes belong to anyone else. The only possible exception here would be someone believing the shoes actually belong to Tommy Lister Jr. All things considered, that’d be a fairly forgivable error.

First of all, the artwork is pretty cool. Second, the shoes show off the dude who Samuel was nicknamed after.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams: Deebo Samuel breaks out custom cleats for NFC Championship Game

Samuel was given his famed nickname from his father, who chose the name after a character from Friday and Next Friday. According to the 49ers, Samuel’s dad picked the nickname out for his son when a young Samuel (who was a toddler at the time) was taking things away from other people.

So, Samuel’s father felt the name Deebo, after the character portrayed by Lister, was an appropriate choice. And now, Samuel is breaking out some custom cleats, paying homage to the character he shares a name with.

The 49ers and Rams will face off Sunday at 5:30 p.m.