Did Joe Theismann just spoil the name for the Washington Football Team?

Joe Theismann, Washington Football Team. (Mandatory Credit: Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports)
Joe Theismann, Washington Football Team. (Mandatory Credit: Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports) /

Joe Theismann may have spoiled the big reveal of the Washington Football Team’s new name.

Groundhog Day was going to be the next greatest day in Washington Football Team history, but their legendary former quarterback Joe Theismann may have spoiled their big name reveal.

Theismann appeared on with CBS Radio’s Damon Amendolara earlier in the week, speculating on what the new team nickname might be. He believes that it is going to be the Washington Commanders, as that has been one of the more popular monikers circulating around on what the team name could be. There are “a lot of Commanders” in the nation’s capital, said Theismann.

Here is what he said on The D.A. Show about the what the next team name could be.

Theismann later recanted by texting this to Matthew Paras of The Washington Times., “Not completely sure what the new name [is]. No one has told me. Like you, I’ll find out Wednesday.”

Joe Theismann may have spilled the beans on Washington Football Team name

While it may end up being the Commanders, Theismann is no Tom Holland, spoiling one thing after another like he is not supposed to. Some people are going to love whatever name Washington decides on, and some are going to absolutely hate it. While retaining the same iconic color scheme is smart, the only thing that is going to matter here with the new team nickname is this: Winning.

As long as Washington wins, the new name is not going to matter. This is an NFL franchise steeped in tradition, but one that has been an utter laughingstock since Daniel Snyder bought the team well over 20 years ago. Unless Snyder makes a strong commitment towards winning under this new moniker, they will stay the same Washington football team was have grown accustomed.

Commanders or not, get ready for Washington to make this year’s Groundhog Day spectacular.

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