Super Bowl 56: How long was the national anthem?

Mickey Guyton. (The Tennessean)
Mickey Guyton. (The Tennessean) /

Mickey Guyton sang the national anthem ahead of Super Bowl 56 between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams.

Before kickoff of Super Bowl 56 between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angles Rams, Mickety Guyton sang the national anthem at majestic SoFi Stadium.

Betting on the length of the national anthem has been an popular prop bet ahead of many Super Bowls. Though one may side with the under because of a performer’s overall nervousness of being on a stage like this, the over is a popular play if the singer is known for their impressive vocal range and tendencies to show off that amazing talent of theirs. What is the over/under this year?

The over/under for length on Guyton’s rendition of the national anthem on most sports books was one minute and 35 seconds.

Did the over or under hit on Mickey Guyton’s rendition of the national anthem?

The four-time Grammy nominated country singer’s rendition of the national anthem went approximately one minute and 51 seconds in length, crushing the over. While it seemed as though the under had a chance at hitting, the grand finish of the national anthem blew the over out of the water. With this rendition approaching two minutes in length, what a bad hit if you took the under.

As for the matchup, this is the first time the Bengals have been to the Super Bowl since 1988. While the Rams were in the big game only four years ago in Atlanta, they have not won a Super Bowl since 1999. Though they have spent the bulk of their history playing in Los Angeles, that one Super Bowl championship came when they called St. Louis home. Cincinnati has never won one.

Hopefully you picked the right side on this prop bet and may you have success the rest of the way.

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