Marcus Stroman, MLB players slam Rob Manfred after Opening Day cancelled

Marcus Stroman led Twitter rant against Rob Manfred, MLB owners. (Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports)
Marcus Stroman led Twitter rant against Rob Manfred, MLB owners. (Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports) /

Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman led the way as MLB players went after Rob Manfred and the baseball owners for canceling Opening Day.

The MLB players union and owners couldn’t come to an agreement on a new CBA on Tuesday, which resulted in commissioner Rob Manfred officially canceling games for the 2022 season.

The first two series of the campaign will not go forward and players will not be paid for them. More cancelations could follow if the MLB lockout stretches on too much longer.

Many players aired their frustrations on social media, including new Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman.

Marcus Stroman called for Rob Manfred to be ousted as MLB commissioner

Stroman said out loud what many have been thinking: “Manfred gotta go.”

That wasn’t all. He ripped off a series of tweets going after Manfred while retweeting countless fans and media members also critical of the commissioner.

“FANS…this man doesn’t care about any of y’all. Don’t get it twisted. The players are ready to perform, compete, and interact with all of you! However, Manfred has been ruining our game while playing puppet boy to the owners. That’s a fact. We remain ready and anxious to play!” Stroman tweeted.

Stroman was far from the only MLB player, past or present, to vocally express frustration or disappointment in the way negotiations proceeded on Tuesday.

Red pitcher Amir Garrett was hopeful of baseball’s return, thanks to his young daughter.

Meanwhile, Adam Wainwright also helped put smiles back on faces with his son and a game of catch.

The lockout has been frustrating for just about everyone. Unfortunately, everyone will have to wait a while longer to send off celebratory tweets about the lockout ending.

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