Francisco Lindor bails out Mets and Nationals with injury update

Francisco Lindor’s injury update was tremendous news for the New York Mets, but even the Washington Nationals should be grateful he isn’t injured.

While the Mets and Nationals didn’t come to blows after Lindor was hit near the jawline, tensions were at an all-time high for a reason. Lindor could’ve been seriously injured on the play, and the Nationals had hit three Mets players on Opening Day.

The benches cleared, and there was plenty of jawing. On the surface, however, MLB would hopefully induce fines at best, rather than suspensions.

However, had Lindor been seriously injured — which he was forced to undergo testing at the time — then things could’ve ended differently. Steve Cishek, who hit Lindor in the first place, could’ve been the subject of more punishment.

Mets: Francisco Lindor returned to lineup vs Nationals on Saturday

“Thank God I’m good,” said Lindor, per the New York Post. “I don’t have a headache right now, I feel good. Think one of my teeth might be cracked — but I can still smile.”

Buck Showalter took a different tone, saying Lindor and the Mets were lucky matters weren’t worse. They’ve already been dealt a tough injury hand with Jacob deGrom out long-term. The last thing they need is a tough break with their star shortstop.

Utility man Jeff McNeil thought the near-incident brought the team closer together.

“Everybody on this team has each other’s back, you saw it today,” said McNeil. “Nice to have the whole team out there. I think this is a good group of guys, close knit.”

The Nationals, meanwhile, shouldn’t have to deal with too much discipline given Lindor won’t miss any time. It’s a win-win for both teams.