Albert Pujols homering in St. Louis has Cardinals fans feeling themselves

St. Louis Cardinals DH Albert Pujols. (Scott Kane/Getty Images)
St. Louis Cardinals DH Albert Pujols. (Scott Kane/Getty Images) /

Albert Pujols made a spectacular return to the St. Louis Cardinals, hitting a massive home run at his home stadium for the first time since 2011.

Despite being the oldest active player in MLB, 42-year-old Albert Pujols showed no signs of slowing down with the St. Louis Cardinals in a 6-5 victory over the Kansas City Royals. The competition was tough, but Pujols produced a home run by the first inning, bringing the score 3-0 for St. Louis. Hitting a home run to lead the game was a big feat in itself, but the history behind his home run made it even more special for Cardinals fans.

During the game, the Cardinals posted a tweet of his home run and stated that it had been “3,855 days since Pujols last hit a home run in Busch as a Cardinal.” He hadn’t played with the Cardinals since 2011, but Pujols decided to make a memorable comeback with the team by rejoining the roster in his final MLB season before retirement. Though he will not be a regular player, he has proven he is still reliable when it comes to hitting it out of the park.

Cardinals fans and players welcomed Pujols back home with loud cheers from the crowd and dugout high-fives.

Albert Pujols shows out in long-awaited Cardinals return with home run

One of the Cardinals’ leading hitters, Nolan Arenado, was impressed by Pujols’ home run. Arenado  showed glowing admiration for his new teammate after the game.

"“He definitely made my homer not that cool anymore. Albert’s moment was unbelievable. To me, he’s the greatest right-handed hitter of all time. It’s amazing to watch him. What he did today … I’m not surprised.” -Nolan Arenado, via STL Today"

Pujols also seems to be thankful for the city of St. Louis and his Cardinals teammates, describing the city and the organization as “special” following his exhilarating return.

"“I appreciate the love that they have shown me my whole career. It’s something that’s very special to me. The city is very special. This organization is special. For me, it’s special to (show) them how much I appreciate their love.” -Albert Pujols, via STL Today"

Pujols’ memorable home run against the Royals marked his 680th career home run, a moment that will surely be remembered by the Cardinals fans in attendance at Busch Stadium. 

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