Seahawks OC reveals early leader in QB competition to replace Russell Wilson

Shane Waldron, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Shane Waldron, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

Shane Waldron has an idea who could replace Russell Wilson as the Seattle Seahawks’ starting quarterback next season between Drew Lock and Geno Smith.

With Russell Wilson out of the picture, Shane Waldron and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks offense turns their collective attention to Drew Lock and Geno Smith.

Though Seattle could technically trade for Baker Mayfield in a deal with the Cleveland Browns, the Seahawks are not doing so unless Cleveland eats the bulk of his fifth-year option for 2022. Given the guys who are already in their building, the Seattle offensive coordinator suggests that the incumbent Smith has the leg up on the newcomer from Denver in Lock to win the starting job.

While Smith has been with the Seahawks for longer, what does this say about Lock above all else?

Seattle Seahawks OC says Geno Smith has the leg up over Drew Lock in QB race

What this signifies are two very important things for the Seahawks going forward. One, Seattle clearly wants to make this a competition heading into fall camp. By saying Lock has to play catch-up to a savvy veteran who has been in the building longer in Smith, it means he will have to earn playing time. Lock has a higher ceiling over Smith, but his game does offer greater variance to it.

The other big takeaway is head coach Pete Carroll is allowing Waldron to have a greater say in the offense than a year ago. It was his first season with the team and things did not go swimmingly with Wilson, as illustrated by him wanting out of town. Given that Carroll is a defensive-minded coach, he will entrust Waldron to most appropriately evaluate the two starting candidates he has.

Ultimately, it does not really matter who Seattle ends up with under center. This team is going to stink. What is important is that whoever ends up winning the starting job will serve as the stop-gap for the star quarterback Seattle is bound to take in the top 10 of the 2023 NFL Draft. As far as the backup is concerned, he will be looking for a new place to play ahead of next football season.

Smith may have the slight edge over Lock, but only time will tell who will be starting in Week 1.

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