Manchester City top Liverpool for EPL title: Best memes and tweets

Manchester City scored three goals in a short span to cement their place atop of the Premier League standings. Liverpool finished in second place.

City won their fourth Premier League title in five years, continuing their domestic dominance of late. Liverpool is the only team in their way on a yearly basis, as they won the EPL title just two years ago.

The teams entered the day one point apart in the standings. Had they been even in points, the tiebreaker would’ve been goal differential, which City would’ve won handily.

Yet, for a brief moment it looked like Manchester City were in trouble, as they faced a 2-0 deficit to Aston Villa in the second half. Liverpool, meanwhile, were tied with Wolves and eventually won by two goals.

Instead, it was an offensive spurt by City which kept them atop the table.

Manchester City wins Premier League: Best memes and tweets

With City winning yet another Premier League title, their fans had more reason to brag, especially targeting rivals Liverpool in the process.

Manchester is Blue yet again.

City could get even better next season, as they’ll be adding Erling Halaand to their starting lineup. Meanwhile, Liverpool have a chance to win the Champions League in just a few short days against Real Madrid.