Giants troll Tommy Pham over fantasy football beef with hilarious t-shirts

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San Francisco Giants players sported t-shirts that trolled Tommy Pham over the fantasy football drama with Joc Pederson.

The leading contender for the most bizarre sports story of 2022 has to be Tommy Pham slapping Joc Pederson across the face over fantasy football beef ahead of a San Francisco Giants-Cincinnati Reds game. The issue stemmed over Pham accusing Pederson of cheating for stashing San Francisco 49ers running back Jeff Wilson on the injured reserve.

Weeks later, the Giants are trolling Pham. Ahead of San Francisco’s game against the Kansas City Royals, some players were spotted wearing t-shirts that read “Fantasy Football 101: Stashing Players on the IR Isn’t Cheating.”

Giants continue to troll Tommy Pham with fantasy football t-shirts

For those wondering where the team got those shirts, they were made by apparel company, Rotowear.

The story involving Pham and Pederson escalated as the days passed. Pederson discussed the stashing of Wilson on the injured reserve is what got Pham upset. Pham claimed that Pederson badmouthed him and the San Diego Padres, his team in 2021, in their fantasy football group chat. The Giants outfielder shared a GIF that he shared in the chat, which made fun of the Padres as compared to the Los Angeles Dodgers and Giants. Pederson apologized.

Oh, and then Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout was dragged into it, as he was the commissioner of the fantasy football league in question.

Pham was suspended for three games after slapping Pederson across the face.

For those wondering if the beef between Pham and the Giants was over, the answer appears to be no.

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