TikTok star Joey Votto is the secret behind Matt Carpenter’s historic success

Matt Carpenter has been crushing it with the New York Yankees this season, and Joey Votto deserves credit for his success.

On May, the Texas Rangers released Matt Carpenter from his minor league contract. Shortly thereafter, Carpenter received a shot in the majors with the New York Yankees. Since signing with the top team in the American League, the former St. Louis Cardinals infielder has been crushing it inside the batter’s box.

So who is to credit for Carpenter finding his swing? As it turns out, that would be his former NL Central foe in Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto.

Joey Votto to credit for Matt Carpenter’s success with Yankees

This story regarding Carpenter speaking with Votto for three hours over the phone was published in The Athletic. That phone call turned out to be extremely worth it, as he changed his swing and took a more analytical approach.

Carpenter played 130 games with the Cardinals last season, where he had a .169 batting average and .275 slugging percentage. He then became a free agent, signed a minor league deal with the Rangers, and then parted ways with the organization in mid-May.

Since signing with the Yankees on May 26, Carpenter has been a slugging machine. Through 10 games entering June 14, Carpenter recorded a .333 batting average and an absurd 1.125 slugging percentage. Of his eight hits recorded with the team as of this writing, six of them were home runs. Two of those homers took place in the team’s 18-4 win over the Chicago Cubs on June 12.

Carpenter also made history, becoming the first Yankees player to hit six home runs in his first 10 games with the team.

The Yankees benefitted from taking a chance on Carpenter after they were hit by injuries, and they are reaping the rewards.