NBA rumors: Blockbuster Lakers-Nets trade for Kyrie Irving that would melt everyone’s brain

Nets guard Kyrie Irving. (Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports)
Nets guard Kyrie Irving. (Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports) /

As NBA rumors swirl around Kyrie Irving and the Nets, could a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers actually materialize for the star guard?

Kyrie Irving and the Nets may be heading for a break up, which means the Nets and at least one other team could be heading for a huge shake up.

What if that team is the Los Angeles Lakers?

Irving reportedly has interest in heading west and conversations between him and LeBron James may have already occurred.

Being interested is the easy part. Actually putting together a trade is the hard part, especially with so many moving parts around contracts and cap space.

What if the Lakers and Nets did something shockingly bold to make it happen?

NBA rumors: This Lakers-Nets trade for Kyrie Irving could work

What’s the issue on both sides of the equation? Pure and simple, it’s fit.

Irving, Simmons, Westbrook and Davis are all outstanding players. But things haven’t exactly gone right for them at their respective homes. Irving is unhappy. Simmons is scarred. Westbrook became the wrong kind of goat in LA. Davis has struggled with injuries.

A swap might do all four some good.

LeBron James can team up with Kyrie Irving again while taking Simmons under his wing and unlocking his talent and confidence.

Kevin Durant can create a new Big 3 with his former Thunder teammate Westbrook while getting to play with an elite big man.

There are injury red flags flying everywhere for this one, but the devil you don’t know is the more favorable option.

If both sides decide they’re ready to move on after a disappointing and frustrating 2021-22 campaign, this is the kind of big move that could push the reset button while keeping the franchise in touching distance of a title.

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