Brandon Figueroa stops Carlos Castro on a dime in round 6 via TKO (Video)

Brandon Figueroa rebounded from his first career loss to stop Carlos Castro in round 6 via TKO in his featherweight debut on Showtime. 

Before his July 9 Showtime boxing bout against Carlos Castro, Brandon Figueroa told FanSided that he would be more patient following his November 2021 majority decision loss to Stephen Fulton. He stuck to that game plan until about round 3, and then the fight got wild.

Figueroa (23-1-1, 18 KOs) is a pressure puncher, but at the Alamodome, he came out at a measured pace against Castro. Figueroa switched between conventional and southpaw stances and was economical with his punches, but he reverted to more of his old form, and it worked when he stopped Castro in round 6 via TKO.

Castro (27-2, 12 KOs) boxed well for most of the fight, but he wasn’t ready for Figueroa’s burst of energy in round 3. Figueroa stopped being patient and threw endless combinations to Castro’s body and head that forced Castro to fall on his rear end.

Castro stayed down until the count of nine and then popped up. He ate many more punches from Figueroa but started to return with shots before the bell rang.

In the Showtime co-main event on July 9, Brandon Figueroa TKO’d Carlos Castro in round 6 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX

In round 6, Castro was feeling his Wheaties. He started to bully Figueroa around the ring. Castro fought his way back into the fight and likely scored some points on the judges’ scorecards.

Figueroa was trapped on the ropes, and Castro sensed he had Figueroa hurt, but Figueroa was waiting for the right time to counterattack. Figueroa sprung to life and reversed positions with Castro in the middle of a Castro combination.

Castro’s back ended up on the ropes, and Figueroa flurried with three lefts out of the southpaw stance. He threw a series of right-left combos and had Castro in trouble. The referee thought Castro took too many shots and stopped the fight.

It was an impressive featherweight debut for Figueroa. He did show some new wrinkles in his game but also displayed some of his old habits. He took some punches to deliver his own, but it worked against Castro. However, it might not work against a world champion.

Figuerao is from Weslaco, TX, and has a lot of happy fans in San Antonio’s Alamodome. The 25-year-old is back to winning and showed growth in earning his 18th career knockout victory.