Mike Zimmer’s dreams come true with latest Kellen Mond update

Kellen Mond, Minnesota Vikings. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Kellen Mond, Minnesota Vikings. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

The Minnesota Vikings have cut quarterback Kellen Mond. While he was fired long ago, Mike Zimmer is smiling, somewhere.

Mond was drafted in 2021, which put some heat on starter Kirk Cousins coming off a subpar season. The Texas A&M product was raw, but seemingly had the tools to make good on his potential.

That’s been the case with a number of young quarterbacks throughout the years. A mid-round pick, Mond never quite put it all together in Minnesota. Part of that was due to the lack of help and development he received under Mike Zimmer’s regime.

“He’s never really talked to me personally, so I didn’t really take too much offense to it,” said Mond, after Zimmer’s firing. “He kind of backtracked on his word a little bit after. But it’s all fun and games, whatever. It’s a new year, new coaches, new team. I’m a year older, second year in the NFL.”

Vikings roster cuts: Kellen Mond released

Even with a new head coach in Kevin O’Connell, Mond could never quite find his footing.

Having a head coach who believes in you — especially early in one’s career — can have a heavy impact on career progression. Mond never quite had that, and by the time O’Connell came around, he was set in his ways.

Mond’s father also sounded off on Zimmer’s treatment of his son:

“Kellen was in the doghouse from the start because of the draft and then, number two, the COVID. So he was in Zimmer’s doghouse and wasn’t getting out. They weren’t going to give him the time and Zimmer not playing him at the end of the year was, personally to me, Zimmer just sticking his thumb at Spielman,” Kevin Mond said.

Perhaps a new organization could tap into the potential Minnesota saw initially when they drafted him out of A&M. But, for now, Mond finds himself on the free agent market.

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