Florida State kills LSU’s comeback dreams with blocked PAT: Best memes, reactions

Florida State Seminoles tight end Camren McDonald and receiver Ontaria Wilson. (Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports)
Florida State Seminoles tight end Camren McDonald and receiver Ontaria Wilson. (Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports) /

The ending of the Florida State vs. LSU game was utter madness as the Tigers launched an improbable comeback then botched the game-tying PAT.

The NFL may own Sunday Night Football but LSU and Florida State proved that college football has the pros beat for pure chaos and football drama.

On Sunday at the Superdome, the Seminoles beat the Tigers in the most chaotic way, killing a comeback bid by blocking what would have been the game-tying PAT with no time on the clock.

The final minutes of the game were full of twists and turns that had fans on both sides hitting surrender cobras and losing their minds in the blink of an eye. LSU muffed a punt after pulling within a touchdown. FSU fumbled at the goal line. LSU drove 99 yards and scored. Then the Seminoles blocked the kick.

Best memes, reactions to Florida State’s unbelievable win over LSU

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the ending:


It’s tough to think of a game featuring more special teams mishaps and moments where one team tried to give the game away to the other. It was like watching a game of hot potato.

FSU missed their first field goal attempt. LSU had theirs blocked. The Tigers muffed a punt before halftime. The Seminoles had a turnover on downs in field goal range before the break.

Florida State led by two touchdowns in the fourth quarter but LSU closed the gap with a touchdown just before the four-minute mark. The Tigers had an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty set their opponents up in good field position but the defense forced a quick punt to give them hope. Then Malik Nabers muffed another punt, putting FSU on the goal line.

The Seminoles were in field goal range already. All they needed to do was run clock and go up by two scores. They carelessly ran a pitch play and fumbled to give LSU the ball at the one-yard line with over a minute to play. Jayden Daniels led the Tigers down the field quickly before Mason Taylor brought the ball to the one-yard line.

There was a long stoppage as refs reviewed whether Taylor had his knee down inbounds but LSU still got one last play to try to force overtime. The offense did the job with Daniels finding Jaray Jenkins in the back of the endzone for the score. Free football was on tap until Damian Ramos had his PAT blocked.

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