Cardinals fans think Max Kellerman insinuated Albert Pujols is cheating

Cardinals fans are unhappy with ESPN analyst Max Kellerman for his segment on future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols’ sudden resurgence.

Pujols is having a career resurgence of sorts in St. Louis, as he’s just three home runs away from 700. It’s his final year, as well, making it all the more incredible that he’s put up some incredible power numbers.

At 42 years old, no one saw this coming. That’s doubly true for Kellerman, who commented on Pujols’ season and chase for 700, on ‘This Just In’.

Cardinals fans are quick to defend Pujols, and believe Kellerman is insinuating that PED use is the cause of his increase in power and overall performance. There is no way to prove that’s actually the case, however. But we’ll let baseball fans be the judge.

Cardinals: Did Max Kellerman insinuate Albert Pujols is taking steroids?

As much as Cards fans may want to pile on here, Kellerman cannot legally make such a statement without being the subject of a libel lawsuit from Pujols. Even his sarcastic commentary would put him at risk.

As a veteran journalist and television personality, Kellerman cannot and would not make such a bold comment, even as a joke. It would be defamatory.

To put it simply: No. Kellerman does not think Pujols took performance-enhancing drugs. It is odd, however, that Pujols numbers have increased in his age-42 season.

But this all dates back to his age-41 season, when he left the Los Angeles Angels for the crosstown Dodgers. While many assumed Pujols was in his final stages — especially considering his decrease in power — a stint with the Dodgers coaching staff unlocked something in his swing.

It’s not a major surprise that the Cardinals — another well-run organization — found a way to build upon that progress. Familiarity helps, of course.