Aaron Judge’s pregame attire could be great news for Mets (or Yankees) in free agency

Aaron Judge, Yankees (Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images)
Aaron Judge, Yankees (Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images) /

Aaron Judge donned a hoodie that New York Yankees and Mets fans are going to love or kill each other over.

We’ve gotten very few hints this year into Aaron Judge’s thinking with his impending free agency decision. As a refresher, prior to the season the New York Yankees and Judge did not come to terms on a contract extension and Judge indicated he would not negotiate until after the season.

Judge, presumably, will be able to go wherever he wants for just about whatever price he wants to name. On the precipice of making history with single-season home runs, he’s worth it, even if the tail-end of his next contract is bound to be on the decline.

The Yankees look foolish for not giving him a blank check before the season now that he’s doing things this big this season. Of course, maybe free agency is motivation.

Aaron Judge hints at desire to stay in New York with hoodie selection

Aaron Judge wore a hoodie before their Monday night game against the Toronto Blue Jays in Canada. Inscribed on it was “New York or Nowhere.”

Of course, there are two teams in New York, and depending on which one you support, this means very different things.

If you’re a Mets fan, this is obviously evidence that Judge isn’t willing to commit to the Yankees specifically even if he loves the city. That means an open door to change boroughs.

If you’re a Yankees fan, it’s evidence that this year has gone incredibly well and that there’s no way Hal Steinbrenner can fumble the bag this bad.

Judge isn’t stupid, he knows something like this will absolutely get people talking. Though he may not want to talk publicly about his thoughts going into free agency, this is as close to confirmation that we’ll get that he’s coming back to the Big Apple before he signs a contract. Perhaps the only question on where he will end up: Mets or Yankees?

New York or Nowhere is an NYC-located apparel brand, so there’s always the chance Judge just likes a comfy hoodie. If you want your own, it’s $105.

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