Aaron Judge and ESPN are terrorizing the college football community

New York Yankees designated hitter Aaron Judge. (Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports)
New York Yankees designated hitter Aaron Judge. (Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports) /

ESPN keeps cutting into college football action to show Aaron Judge chasing a record and fans are frustrated and furious about it.

No one wants Aaron Judge to go ahead and hit his 62nd home run more than college football fans.

For two weeks, ESPN has cut into college football broadcasts to show Judge at-bats while he chases the AL home run record.

What the Yankees star is doing is great but fans who have tuned in to watch Tulane and Houston…actually want to watch Tulane and Houston, not baseball.

ESPN obviously thinks differently because regardless of what’s going on in the football game, like the thrilling final two minutes, they have insisted on a split screen with audio tuned to Judge.

College football Twitter hates the Aaron Judge look-ins


The fact that the final look-in of the night was an intentional walk and a whole lot of wasted time before that really sent things over the edge.

ESPN could just as easily cut into the college football broadcast with an update when Judge actually does something. If it really mattered to fans that they watch Judge hit No. 62 live, they’d be watching the Yankees game. Even the ones who are interested in it happening would almost certainly be content with a news update and replay.

Tulane, who ted the game in the final minute of play, ended up beating Houston in overtime. Thankfully a Judge look-in didn’t interrupt the extra football.

The Yankees beat the Orioles without a Judge home run. That means Saturday action on ESPN could feature more look-ins. New York and Baltimore play again at 1:00 p.m.

Brace yourselves college football fans.

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