NFL Twitter has mixed emotions about new Bears helmets

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. (Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. (Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Bears helmets were the talk of Thursday Night Football as Chicago debuted orange lids that split opinions on NFL Twitter.

The matchup between the Bears and the Commanders on Thursday Night Football was never going to get people talking all that much. Instead, fashion was the discussion point.

Chicago debuted their alternate helmets on Thursday, pairing white pants and orange tops with a bright orange helmet.

College football fans could accuse the Bears of looking a bit too much like Clemson. NFL fans couldn’t agree on whether that was good thing or a bad thing.

NFL Twitter had thoughts on the Bears helmets

Color wasn’t the only storyline connected to helmets in the game.

In the first quarter, quarterback Justin Fields threw a pass off the helmet of a Commanders defensive lineman. It popped up into the air and was intercepted near the goal line.

Uniforms can be awesome or terrible, but how a team plays in them is what really matters. On one level, the Bears played well in the first half with Fields leading his team inside the 10 a couple of times. However, Chicago couldn’t punch the ball in. The helmet interception ended one drive. A fourth-and-inches stop ended the next.

The Bears may have lost their last two games but both were on the road tot he Giants and the Vikings. Moreover, each defeat was by just one possession. Chicago came into Thursday undefeated in their two home games this season, besting the 49ers in Week 1 and the Texans a couple of weeks later.

Back at Soldier Field for Thursday night action, the goal for the Bears was to make a statement with their helmets and their performance. The question still remains as to whether that statement is positive.

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