Tom Brady is getting flamed for his FTX commercial amid crypto company scandal

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is being mocked for investing big in FTX, a cryptocurrency company that is now being accused of financial crimes. 

As the Twitter empire falls apart due to resignations, questionable terminations and a verification meme-a-thon, there’s another swift tech scandal that has massive financial implications.

Within a week, cryptocurrency company FTX filed chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Friday, with reports indicating that the company doesn’t possess the funds to reimburse investors.

This intersects with the sports world, where FTX has landed major partnerships that helped to solidify their reputation. The company won the naming rights to the Miami Heat’s arena and counts Tom Brady and Steph Curry among its celebrity investors. According to MarketWatch’s Weston Blasi, “Brady served as an ambassador for the company and Bündchen was FTX’s Environmental & Social Initiatives Advisor.”

With Brady, who has filmed commercials for FTX and shared social media clips with FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, the public discourse around Brady’s most recent loss is aghast by how much Brady may have sunk into FTX.

For those looking for some quick insight into the crypto catastrophe, here’s a 90-second explanation of the situation.

Las September, Brady and ex-wife Gisele Bündchen starred in an FTX commercial that hasn’t aged well amid recent developments.

Tom Brady flamed online for losing millions in FTX bankruptcy cryptocurrency scandal

With reports suggesting that the couple invested their combined $650 million fortune into FTX earlier this year, some Twitter users are positing that Brady won’t be able to retire after losing millions in a ponzi scheme.

The entire situation is giving Wolf of Wall Street energy, and an appropriate audio clipping of Brady asking for Bankman-Fried now doubles as a meme.

One financial investor decided to count up Brady’s losses in recent months, which now includes the fallout of the FTX disaster.

Others joke that the FTX collapse underscores a conspiracy theory that the disaster is the reason Brady and Bündchen filed for divorce.

While it’s unknown how Brady is processing the situation, what can be assumed is that this is exactly the kind of distraction that could fracture Brady’s laser-focus before facing the Seahawks in Munich.